Everyone interested in a training in our Office is invited to send an e-mail with their resume and motivation letter to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Experience shows that some of the lawyers employed in the Office are the persons who used to participate with distinction in our student trainings. We look for active, ambitious and talented people. Passionate people, oriented to constant development, determined to reach their goals, responsible, inquisitive, committed, actively looking for better solutions. We appreciate creative thinking, attention to development of the Office, ability to solve problems in a creative way and to work in a team. That is why we expect our future colleagues to be fully committed to performing the tasks they’re entrusted with, to present proper diligence, self-discipline, ability to be organized and manage one’s own worktime.
In exchange we can offer work in a dynamically developing team of legal advisors and advocates. By offering convenient conditions of professional development, we guarantee self-fulfillment and satisfaction from the tasks performed. Working in the Office allows to gain a high degree of specialization in the selected field of law, the best ones can be certain to be promoted and have the possibility to obtain the remuneration that is adequate to the effects of their work.

We would like to invite legal advisors and advocates, but also graduates of legal studies in the middle of their legal advisor’s or advocate’s internships. In the recruitment process, we will grant additional points for: fluency in Polish and English (and knowledge of other foreign languages), experience in working in a legal advisors’ or advocates’ office, an academic title or started procedure for a PhD, practical experience in rendering legal services to businesses, ability to simultaneously work on several cases, ability to develop permanent relationships with Clients.

We would also like to inform that the Office reserves the right not to answer all the offers sent.