The Joanna Szanser-Smagacz Law Office / Advocates and Legal Advisors shall be included into the not numerous circle on the legal services market in Cracow, Professional, specialized entities rendering legal support in the scope of administrative law, as well as administrative proceedings and administrative court proceedings, especially when it comes to support the realization of developer and investment projects.

We offer our Clients a wide range of legal services supporting starting up and effective conduction of investment process.   

Within the scope of the offered legal support regarding administrative law and procedure the Legal Office:

  • represents its Clients in the course of proceedings before governmental and local-governmental administrative bodies, on each stage of the administrative proceedings;
    • within the proceedings on the matter of issuing the decision by the first instance administrative body, the appeal proceedings before the second instance administrative body, including Local Government Board of Appeal,
    • in the proceedings before Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Board of Arbitrators by the Public Procurement Office, and Patent Office,
    • in the proceedings before administrative courts and Main Administrative Court,
  • prepares applications initiating administrative proceedings as well as applications and standpoints of the parties in the course of ongoing administrative proceedings and enforcement administrative proceedings,
  • renders a legal support and represents entities in the course of administrative proceedings in the scope of issuing required by law concessions, licenses and permits for pursuit of business activity,
  • advises or conducts on behalf of its Clients the following proceedings: on bringing an action against administrative decision, on appealing from resolutions of local-governmental administrative bodies and acts of law of governmental administrative bodies, on complaints against inactivity of administrative bodies, on reinstatement the time limit to bring an action against the decision of first instance administrative body, regarding complaints against the resolution on the refusal of issuing a certificate, on reissuing administrative proceedings, and ascertaining the state of nullity of administrative decision,
  • prepares specialist legal opinions in cases related to substantial administrative law, procedural administrative law, administrative court proceedings, as well as in the scope of enforcement administrative proceedings,
  • within the scope of enforcement administrative proceedings conducts proceedings regarding: exclusion objects from execution, restraining executive actions, complaints against the enforcement administrative proceedings or executive actions, suspension or remission of enforcement administrative proceedings,
  • advises in the scope of administrative law towards public administration units,
  • prepares and gives its opinion to projects of resolutions, regulations and other acts of law, issued by public administrative bodies.