The Joanna Szanser-Smagacz Law Office / Advocates and Legal Advisors offers the wide range of legal consultancy in the scope of comprehensive legal service of polish and foreign business entities, commercial companies and partnerships, as well as natural persons who act as individual entrepreneurs. Excellent knowledge in the scope of commercial law and companies law, long-term professional experience presented by the employees/partners of the Legal Office, competitive rules of cooperation, honesty, reliability, timeliness, and above all high quality of rendered services cause that entrepreneurs and institutions from outside Cracow choose us.

Based on our best knowledge and experience the Legal Office:

  • advises on the choice of optimal form and manner of providing business activity,
  • irrespective from the legal/organisational form conducts the proceedings regarding the registration to the relevant register (including National Register Court), having previously prepared projects of suitable erection acts, articles of association and statutes,
  • offers to entrepreneurs rendering holistic current legal support with a due regard to corporation law, including inter alia:
    • organization of shareholders’ meetings, conduction of debates of company governing bodies,
    • preparation of documentation of ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings,
    • advising on organisational changes, including i.a.: matters related to increase/reduction of the value of the share capital, redemption of shares, making fees, conversion of debts into shares/stock, etc.
    • advising on corporate cases, preparation of projects of resolutions of company governing bodies, preparation of projects of organisational rules and regulations and other internal acts regulating the functioning of business entities and its governing bodies, rules of management boards, supervisory boards, shareholders’ meetings, projects of announcements required by provisions of law, agreements on trade co-operation, and various kind of agreements concluded between shareholders of the company,
    • in case where the conflict appears support to settle the dispute amicably between the company and shareholders,
  • advises on and conducts the proceedings of capital transformation of business entities, merger and division of commercial companies, creating branch offices and representative offices, including branch offices and representative offices of foreign entities,
  • provides the legal support of business undertakings, including capital investments, acquisition and sale of enterprises and organised parts thereof, as well as acquisition and sale of shares,
  • provides complex legal service of business entities, analysis legal and factual situation of its Clients, advises, prepares answers to legal questions, and on a current basis identificates legal problems which may appear in the future,
  • prepares specialist legal opinions regarding the scope of business activity, gives legal advises and conducts thematic trainings for employees of the company,
  • monitors changes of provisions of law, especially regarding branch regulations, where our Clients provide a business activity,
  • gives opinions and prepares projects of commercial contracts, letters of intent, agreements, protocols, etc.
  • prepares and conducts negotiations with strategic investors, cooperates actively with financial-accountant departments and tax advisors of the Mandator,
  • represents the Mandator towards contractors, creditors, debtors, in the proceedings before administrative bodies, including tax administration, as well as before courts, the Supreme Court, Provincial Administrative Courts, and Main Administrative Court,
  • assists in receivables collection, inquiries of receivables in court proceedings, included i.a. proceedings by writ of payment, guard and enforcement proceedings, moreover takes part in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • conducts the proceedings in the scope of shareholder’s exclusion, dissolution and liquidation of the company and cancellation from the appropriate register.