The specialized legal audit is the instrument of companies’ security increase, enables the establishment of actual legal status of entrepreneur and elimination of legal risks connected with providing a business entity on the market. The gist of legal audit is to conduct a multi-component legal analysis in order to verify undertaken by the company decisions, activities and procedures and internal legal acts in compliance with binding provisions of law.   

Specified scope of analysis is subordinated to Clients needs, his plans, realized strategy of aims, as well as branch and activities specification of the examined entity.

In practice there is a possibility of performing one or several partial audits and holistic legal analysis of the enterprise, which include:

  • analysis of general compliance of activity of the entity with the provisions of law including the analysis of legal acts regulating the certain branch of business,
  • analysis of organisation and functioning of the entity (activity of management bodies and supervisory bodies),
  • analysis of legal status of the real property,
  • analysis of the legal status of movables and intangible rights, including required by law decisions, concessions, permits and licenses,   
  • analysis of the safety of transaction (analysis of commercial contracts and legal instruments of securing transactions),   
  • employment analysis,
  • analysis of ongoing administrative proceedings, judicial and enforcement proceedings, others...

Measurable effect of legal audit constitutes the specified report including the description of factual state, its evaluation in respect of compliance with the suitable provisions of law and recommendations aiming to lead to the state consistent with the law or aiming to make more efficient functioning of the enterprise in the scope of legal-organisational solutions. Unquestionable advantage of legal audit is the fact, that the results of conducted analysis are practical, relates to problems which occured in the certain organisation and are devoted to creation of system solutions enabling elimination of problems in future.

Use of the legal audit service is especially recommended in case of intent to purchase the enterprises, transformation of the entity, taking up management powers by bodies in new personal composition or implementation of politics of company development. Not rarely it occurs, that the legal audit is required before establishment of strategic commercial relations with foreign entities. Acts on providing legal audit include developed provisions regarding the guarantee of conducting and protection of information secrecy.